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Hi!!! My name is Andrew Guidroz II and I live in Opelousas, Louisiana. This is the heart of Cajun Country!!!


[Opelousas, Louisiana]

I have a lot of different interests. I program for a living using primarily Clarion for Windows from SoftVelocity Corporation.

And I also LOVE to cook. All of us here in Louisiana put a strong emphasis on cooking --- especially crawfish. And being Cajun makes it all that much more special.

Oh, about the raccoon!! A friend of mine named Robby Richard (we pronounce that Ree --- shard) drew it for me. He draws very well by hand and was just really starting to learn how to draw using a PC when he drew it. I think he does a FANTASTIC job!!

Check out the "Why CoonAss.com?" link to find out the story about the coon and why this page is located at http://www.coonass.com.


Thanks for coming by. I hope you enjoy your visit. If you get a minute, drop me a note . The pirogue comes down the bayou real regular!


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